Counseling and Coaching

When working to resolve relationship issues, manage anger, anxiety and depression it is just as important to focus on goals and solutions as it is to understand the problems. Our counseling process will generate a new perspective and help to redirect your attention from problems and barriers to vitality and well-being. Along the way you will learn techniques to self-coach, manage stress and shift gears. As a result your confidence will increase and you will get a new outlook on life.

Work tension and career planning

Navigating career paths can be a challenge and cause stress, anxiety as well as depression and burn-out. Whether you feel stuck or overwhelmed, our career planning process helps to facilitate decision-making, build confidence and resilience. You gain new tools, insight and strategies to effectively handle challenges, tension and conflicts.


EMDR is an evidence-based interactive, counseling tool for victims of trauma. It is an integrative psychotherapeutic approach based on the idea that negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors are often the result of unprocessed, traumatic memories. Accessing and processing of traumatic material in this way accelerates movement through the healing process.

Interpersonal communication training

Many of us are stuck in our own patterns and perceptions of ourselves and others. A new appreciation of your innate gifts and the power of your communication style is both practical and energizing. Alpha Element® interpersonal communication training enhances your awareness of the impact differences in communication styles have on relationships and well-being.