Case Study: Tom’s Story

Our philosophy is that communication is the cornerstone of engagement. Alpha Element® self-assessments, coaching and counseling generate awareness of patterns in individuals’ interpersonal communication styles and identify shadow sides that are holding them back while providing effective techniques to overcome them.  Read Tom’s Story; a case study about how one individual benefited from learning how to self-coach.

About Ingrid’s Book:

What Next – When your kid steals your van is the story of a mother’s awakening during the shock and heartbreak of discovering her sixteen-year-old son’s addiction to drugs and alcohol. What Next narrates the first year of the roller-coaster ride Ingrid experienced while fighting for her son’s health and well being. The book chronicles the exhausting cycle of hope, failure, distrust and disappointment while she learns to navigate the systems of insurance companies and drug-treatment centers.  The story is about a parent’s struggle to stand up for her son while taking care of the rest of her family and herself, overcoming adversity and letting go.


I first encountered the impact of the mind-body connection when I was forced to deal with my then sixteen year old son’s struggles with mental health and addiction problems.  Up until that point in my life, I had experienced stress that gave me a headache or shoulder tension, but nothing out of the ordinary.  However, during my family’s journey trailing after my son in-and-out of various treatment programs, my emotional stress began to take a toll on my physical body.  In this state of despair, it became clear to me that if I did not take care of my whole self (mind, body and spirit) I would not be able to have a healthy relationship with myself – or with others.  Thus began my quest for knowledge, information and other tools to help increase my self-awareness.


According to a statement by, the vast majority of people across the US who need treatment for substance abuse disorders do not seek it. Though there are many barriers that discourage people from getting the help they need, cost is a significant factor. created a guide that provides comprehensive information on topics like, available care options, financial support, and free resources that are available. You can learn more about their guide here:

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Ingrid Serck-Hanssen, MBA, MS, LPCC