Ingrid Serck-Hanssen

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at do change.
Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D

Are you ready to combat stress and anxiety? Do you want to heal difficult personal or professional relationships? Is it time to increase your awareness of emotional triggers and learn to manage anger, grief and depression? Together we can work to discover solutions and facilitate a change process while you achieve results to become more fulfilled, proactive and confident in yourself and your relationships.

My specialties include anger management, couples and family counseling, anxiety and depression. In my practice, I often use the Alpha Element® Assessment to help my clients increase their awareness and appreciation of their innate gifts and to evoke solutions and creative strategies to adapt and motivate themselves and others.

I also apply holistic mind-body strategies such as EMDR. These therapeutic approaches accelerate the change process more effectively than traditional “talk therapy.” My approach to counseling stimulates self-awareness and offers tools for self-leadership, along with innovative strategies to facilitate interpersonal relationships, generate engagement and improve collaborative thinking.

A little bit more about Ingrid Serck-Hanssen, MBA, MS, LPCC

As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and advocate for positive change, I work with individuals, families and corporations to help improve relationships, self-leadership skills, health and wellness. I was born and raised in Norway. A leap of faith brought me to Minnesota in 1991. Following the shock and heartbreak of discovering that my then sixteen-year-old son was struggling with addiction, I authored the book, What Next? When Your Kid Steals Your Van. This book describes a year of our family’s journey with mental health and addiction problems. Today I live in Excelsior, MN with my husband, Brad, my youngest son, Cameron and our dog, Axel.